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Naruki Oshima Solo Exhibition
“Still Life on a Table”

20 Sept.Fri.- 13 Oct.Sun,2019
opening reception:20 Sept.Fri.18:00 – 20:00
open on Fri., Sat., & Sun. 12:00 - 18:00
NUIT BLANCHE 2019:5 Oct.Sat.12:00-21:00
appointments are available on weekdays

Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates

eN arts is pleased to present a solo exhibition, his first solo exhibition in Kyoto, by Naruki Oshima “Still Life on a Table.”

Since participating in the Artist in Residence Program `ARTEX` in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2000 and studing under Thomas Ruff at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, Oshima has become a globally recognized artist. He exhibited in the “International Architecture Biennale, Rotterdam” (2003) and in the photography section “Morphing Lights, Floating Shadows” of the Italian Pavilion at the 9th Venice Biennale (2004). Oshima now lives and teaches at Tama Art University while working in Tokyo.

Oshima’s main series of works are titled “layer colored”, “scene, light, color”, “reflections” and “haptic green.” One of defining characteristic of his works is that he photographs hundreds of shots of the same object(s) at different focal points and then assembles a subset of these to create transparent layers that form a work that while looking just like an original photograph is instead completely different. In other words, his work is a like a completed jig-saw puzzle, with each piece from a different perspective. So, for us, the viewers, it looks like an ordinary shot of a landscape or a group of objects at the first glance, but then we realize that there is something odd about the photography. With our eyes taken by this unique visual experience, we wonder why and have to focus on looking, observing, and analyzing to understand what we are seeing. In one sense, Oshima proves that “seeing is not believing.” We can only derive a true visual comprehension of the work by careful observation and analysis, not using the vision we enjoy in the daily life.

This year we participate again in Nuit Blanche Kyoto 2019, so eN arts will be open until 9:00 pm on October 5th Saturday. I hope you will enjoy “Still Life on a Table” by Naruki Oshima.

The Neutral: Still Life on a Table

Naruki Oshima

Nothing more than a visual artifact, a photo is a targeted world image projected onto a screen after having been captured by a monocular lens. In other words, the screen is a plane cut from a four-sided pyramid formed by the field of view directed at the subject from a single point. The plane then becomes a photograph or a painting. This method allows the world to become a representation that deeply involves our ordinary perceptions. I, however, sensing the limits of such conditions, feel constrained as a result, and question how photography should reference the photographic equipment in order to be liberated from it. This limit has become this core of my art.

As an example, I view a photographic image, a reflection of the glass façade, as a motif divided into multiple layers (akin to multiplexing of many screens) so that the space is confused, creating ambiguity/multiplicity in the unified screen. Alternatively, I have been trying to disrupt the single-view perspective by integrating hundreds of photos, formed by zooming in on parts of the subject, and are combined into a single shot (thereby creating viewpoint ambiguity/multiplicity) that distorts one’s senses.

In my new series, “The Neutral: Still Life on a Table,” this effect is produced using a stitching technique that integrates multiple shots. By applying this technique, it is possible to set the focus at various points of a scene, so that the multiple focal points appear to layer surfaces. As a result, the cut surface of the four-sided pyramid is represented in the tabletop landscape and forms an object, or so it is viewed. In other words, by moving away from a stable space set through a monocular lens and creating an “interface” between the layer surface generated by multiple focal points and the other spatial areas, a static photographic space is no longer static.

Thus, the still life on the table is transformed into something that is difficult to specify, evoking touch, color and shape. Rough, smooth, and slim surfaces. Gaseous or non-material colors, apart from the intrinsic color attributed of the object. “Shape” that has lost its sense of volume and depth. Still life now appears as an abstract phenomenon. The aim of this new series is to present the state of things as a “neutral reality” that is difficult to be specified apart from the context of meanings.

Maruyama Park, Gioncho Kitagawa,Higashiyama-ku Kyoto 605-0073 Japan
Tel:+81-75-525-2355 Open:Friday,Saturday,Sunday

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Kunitani Takashi

“Untitled (NEVER LAND)”
h29.9 × w 50.2 × 24.4(cm)

20 Sept.Fri.- 6 Oct.Sun,2019


502 Eboshiyacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8165, Japan
Tel:+81-75-231-0706 Closed: Monday

Kyoto City University of Arts Gallery @KCUA

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Exhibition with works from the collection of the Kyoto City University of Arts Art Museum
“Still Moving Library”

28 Sept.Sat. - 3 Nov.Sun.2019

Curated by Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA
Organized by Kyoto City University of Arts

238-1 Oshikojicho Oike Aburanokojidori Nakagyo-ku Kyoto, Japan 604-0052
Tel:+81-75-334-2204 Closed: Monday

Kyoto Art Center

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"Two Rooms and Three Cases"


Yamanaka suplex

TAKAHASHI 'Takakhan' Seiji

27 Aug.Tue.– 29 Sept.Sun.2019

The exhibition invites three artists to conduct their art work in 'two rooms,' North and South galleries at Kyoto Art Center.
Three artists show their each work for 10 days one by one during exhibition term.

Yamanaka suplex
TAKAHASHI 'Takakhan' Seiji

Yamabushiyama-cho 546-2, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8156 Japan


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Group show

5 Sept. Sat. − 29 Sept. Sun,2019

Aki Kuroda
Hiroshi Fuji
Hideyuki Igarashi
Yasuhiro Fujiwara
Masayuki Kawai
Hitoshi Koyanagi
Akinobu Kurokawa
Ryota Hamasaki

Tel:+81-75-950-5230 Closed: Monday, Tuesday & National holidays


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“forgotten object / remembered things”

4(Fri.)5(Sat.)6(Sun.)11(Fri.)12(Sat.)13(Sun.) Oct.2019


"Toward the Light"

23 Oct.Wed.– 3 Nov.Sun.2019

147-1, Sujiya-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8061, Japan
Tel:+81-75-341-0222 Open:11:00-19:00 Closed: Monday, Tuesday


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Group Exhibition

27 Aug,Tue.- 8 Sept.Sun. 2019

JARFO Kyoto Gallery

1928 bldg,Sanjo Gokomachi,Nakagyo-ku Kyoto 604-8082 Japan
Tel:+81-75-256-6155 Closed: Monday


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Yoko Fujitomo Exhibition

17 Sept.Tue. – 22 Sept.Sun.2019


Koji Shinno Solo Exhibition

24 Sept.Tue.– 29 Sept.Sun.2019


Cycad, inordinate
ordinary_Kobayashi Muku

1 Oct.Tue.– 12 Oct.Sat.2019


◆An autoplay musical instruments that design in 19 centuries for playing musical instruments perfectly. Instead of drums, the Rhythmbox can play percussion automatically with the pattern of electric sounds. An installation based on a motif of two different machines which related to musical performances at different times.

◆Kobayashi Muku
Born in Tokyo, 1992. MFA, Information design in Tama Art University, 2017. MFA, Sculpture in Kyoto City University of Arts, 2019. Creating musical devices, which make a tiny sound from its kinetic movement. Recently working on an installation that combines the video equipment such as video came

3F Togawa Bldg Sekisen-in-cho Sanjo Shirakawabashi-Agaru. Higashiyama-ku kyoto Japan 605-0021
Tel:+81-75-751-9288 Closed: Monday


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SHIGETA Yuka solo exhibition
“moon’s surface”

17 Sept.Tue.- 22 Sept.Sun,2019


YAMABA Haruki solo exhibition
“The Elfin Hill”

24 Sept.Tue.- 29 Sept.Sun,2019


Kojima Takashi solo exhibition

1 Oct.Tue.- 6 Oct.Sun,2019

155-7 Ebisu-cho, HIgashiyama-ku Kyoto Japan 605-0033  Tel:090-9697-3786  Closed: Monday


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14 Sept.Sat.- 29 Sept.Sun.2019

Kotobuki Bldg. 5F, Kawaramachi, Shijo-sagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto. 600-8018 JAPAN
Tel:+81-75-341-1501 Closed:Thursday


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MINAYOSHI Tsuneyuki Solo Exhibition

7.Sept.Sat.– 21 Sept.Sat.2019

※private view for art collectors in Sunday (need booking).
13:00 → 19:00 (Only Lastday until 17:00)


“1m x 2m, ‘Vol. 1”

28 Sept.Sat.– 6 Oct.Sun.2019
Opening party:28 Sept.Sat 18:00-20:00

※Nuit Blanche Kyoto 2019
5.Oct.Sat.19:00 – 22:00
Artists:Chia Keh Ling Joyce, Lim Bee Ling, Low Mei Yi Guineviere, Ng Siok Hoon, Sao Thu Myat Pyi Tan Cindy, Tan Shi Qi Andrea, Zhang Qiao and Richard Steiner.

633 Shimogoryo-cho, Teramachi Tounan-kado,Marutamachi-dori Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Japan 604-0995
Tel:+81-75-585-4160 Closed: Monday

gallery morning kyoto

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INOUE Mai Exhibiiton

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HAMANO Yuri Exhibition

15 Oct.Tue.- 27 Oct.Sun. 2019

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Gallery Hillgate

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〈1 F〉
Group Exhibition

17 Sept.Tue.– 22 Sept.Sun.2019


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〈1 F〉

24 Sept.Tue.– 29 Sept.Sun.2019


〈2 F〉
“Story 2”
Copperprint Exhibition

24 Sept.Tue.– 29 Sept.Sun.2019

535 Sanjo Termachitori. Nakagyo-ku kyoto Japan 604-8081 Tel:+81-75-231-3702 Closed: Monday