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imura art gallery Kyoto

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CUBE Masaomi Raku Sculpture Exhibition

Masaomi Raku
L: Cube Crack / R: “Cube” Sekki Stone bowl XI
L: h.155 w.180 d.175 / R: h.150 w.173 d.173
Jinmugan (Welded tuff), 2023

16 Jan.Tue. - 24 Feb.Sat.2024

Imura Art Gallery is pleased to present Cube—Masaomi Raku, an exhibition of sculpture by Kyoto-based sculptor Masaomi Raku. This is his first solo exhibition at the gallery since 2017, seven years ago.

Masaomi Raku was born in Kyoto as the second son of the fifteenth head of the Raku family of potters, which has been creating tea ceremony bowls for more than 450 years. After receiving an MFA from Tokyo Zokei University, he set up independently and began a career as a sculptor, working in stone. Rather than dominating nature, his practice focuses on creating works that are in harmony with the form of the stone, guided by his aim “to find expression in stone, and to respect nature in the act of making.” The Transmigration series of his twen- ties related to the law of life, and the Stone box series of his thirties used the motif of a bird’s beak to express transmigration carried by a bird. As he approached his forties in 2023, the artist launched a new series, Sekki, which continues the theme of transmigration while extending the scope of his practice by introducing the new technique of firing his stone sculptures like pottery. Although they take different forms, each of these series remains based on the concept of the cycle of life, and on an approach that focuses on respect for nature.

This exhibition presents about ten new works, mainly Cube or Crack sculptures in Jimbu microgranite, a welded tuff. The Cube sculptures adopt the physical form of a cube, created by first carving a cube from the stone, and then firing it like pottery, which produces distortions and cracks, transforming the cube into a new shape. In addition to expressing the evolution of the form, these works express traces of the past. The Crack sculptures are similar to Cube in that firing stone, symbolically a permanent material, induces cracks, enabling the works to express impermanence. Raku explains this impermanence by saying that, “under the laws of nature, which involve constant and unceasing change, nothing is permanent. The materials that we see today are all undergoing evolution and change, processes that lead to the future. Forms of matter that temporarily present a stable form—such as light, air, water, and even stone—are actually in the process of a repetitive change that will never come to an end. Because of that nature, existence and life tell of impermanence, transmigration, and the cycle of life.” Encountering each work in the exhibition space, we may be able to sense the feelings that the artist has imparted to these works engendered from natural objects that present characteristic new faces brought out by being carved from stone, fired, and sometimes polished.

31, Kawabata Higashi Marutamachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8395, Japan
Tel:+81-75-761-7372 Closed: Sunday, Monday, & National holidays


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Aine Jo Exhibition

20 Feb.Tue.- 25 Feb.Sun.2024

1928 bldg,Sanjo Gokomachi,Nakagyo-ku Kyoto 604-8082 Japan
Tel:+81-75-256-6155 Closed: Monday

eN arts

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Keisuke Matsuda Solo Exhibition

acrylic color on paper
©keisuke matsuda

16 Feb.Fri.– 10 Mar.Sun.2024
open on Fri., Sat., & Sun.12:00-18:00
weekday appointments are available upon request

“I’m trying to convert the reality in front of me into paintings. For a few years now, I have started making three-dimensional ceramic works, and I realized that images of the world don’t matter in dimension. Based on this, I would like to explore expressions through painting again and present them to you.”

Keisuke Matsuda

eN-arts is pleased to announce a Matsuda Keisuke Solo Exhibition opening on 16 February 2024.

Matsuda’s works tend to be categorized as abstract paintings, with their bold and clean brush strokes, their composition on the canvas, and their effortless originality. Matsuda simply explains that “I am simply portraying my world – what is in front of my eyes – as accurately as possible.” In other words, his works are figurative art. The changes in the environment surrounding him, his various experiences, and his ever-changing feelings are condensed into his works, making them in effect a true depiction of “my world – right in front of me” that only Matsuda can see. However, even in his mind, that “world” appears and disappears like a bubbles… Thus, without hesitation, you too must try taking a moment to draw the world as you see it. This is how Matsuda’s works, uniquely his world, are created. In recent years, Matsuda has developed an interest in ceramic art and has begun to project his “world” into his ceramic works. Please enjoy this solo exhibition of Keisuke Matsuda, who continues to develop his singular world while exploring the interrelationship between two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects.

Maruyama Park, Gioncho Kitagawa,Higashiyama-ku Kyoto 605-0073 Japan
Tel:+81-75-525-2355 Open:Friday,Saturday,Sunday


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TAKAGI Akira Exhibition

13 Feb.Tue.– 24 Feb.Sat.2024


SHIOGA Fumio Exhibition
The distant garden - One eternal piece-

27 Feb.Tue.– 9 Mar.Sat.2024

3F Togawa Bldg Sekisen-in-cho Sanjo Shirakawabashi-Agaru. Higashiyama-ku kyoto Japan 605-0021
Tel:+81-75-751-9288 Closed: Monday


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Gendai Bijutsu Nitouhei
(Held simultaneously:
Dabijyutsu Clearance sale)

Part 1 : 13 Dec.Wed. - 17 Dec.Sun.2023
Part 2 : 9 Jan.Tue. - 14 Jan.Sun.2024

147-1, Sujiya-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8061, Japan
Tel:+81-75-341-0222 Open:11:00-19:00 Closed: Monday, Tuesday

Kyoto City University of Arts Gallery @KCUA

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Kyoto City University of Arts
Relocation Commemorative Program
Tsuyoshi Hisakado: Dear Future Person,

Installation view at Jameel Arts Centre,
Dubai, 2023.
Photo by Tsuyoshi Hisakado

16 Dec.Sat.2023 - 18 Feb.Sun.2024

Organized by
 Kyoto City University of Arts
With the cooperation of
 Ota fine Arts
Curated by
 Mizuho Fujita (Chief Curator/Program Director,KCUA Art Gallery)

Artist Profiles:
Tsuyoshi Hisakado
Born in Kyoto in 1981, Tsuyoshi Hisakado completed his M.F.A. at the Department of Sculpture, Kyoto City University of Arts in 2007. With an interest in the fundamental sensibility and uniqueness/eternity that constitute human activity, Hisakado creates conceptual works using a variety of methods and media, including sound, light, programming, sculpture, painting and large-scale installations. The artist hopes that his works resonate with the viewer's memories and imaginations, and sharpens their visual and auditory senses. In 2020, Hisakado held his first museum-scale solo exhibition at the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Japan. Hisakado was elected the East Asian Cultural Exchange Envoy and has been awarded the 'Mercedes-Benz Art Scope 2018-2020', the Audience Award at the 'NISSAN ART AWARD 2015', and the Grand Prize of the 'VOCA 2016 The Vision of Contemporary Art'. He has participated in various group exhibitions including the ‘Hawai‘i Triennial 2022 (Hawai’i, 2022)’, '58th Venice Biennale 2019: May You Live in Interesting Times" (Venice, 2019)', 'Asia Corridor Contemporary Art Exhibition (Kyoto, 2017)', 'AICHI TRIENNALE 2016 rainbow caravan' and has held solo exhibitions at 'MoCA Pavilion Special Project (Shanghai, 2016), Ota Fine Arts Singapore (2015) and Ota Fine Arts Tokyo (2018).

57-1 Shimono-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8601 JAPAN
Tel:+81-75-585-2010 Closed: Monday


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Takahiro Kondo 《MONO-BLUE》
2023 ceramic

Aki Kuroda 《Untitled》
2023 324.2×324cm mixed media on canvas

10 Nov.Fri.2023 – 24 Feb.Sat.2024
Open 1PM - 6PM/ Fri.and Sat.

venue:133-17 Shimoseizoguchi-cho Kamigyo-ku Kyoto

Tel:+81-75-950-5230 Closed: Monday, Tuesday & National holidays

Gallery Hillgate

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Yukihiko Tajima Exhibition

20 Feb.Tue.- 3 Mar.Sun.2024


Yuga Kai Exhibition

5 Mar.Tue.- 10 Mar.Sun.2024


Eriko Yoshida Exhibition

5 Mar.Tue.- 10 Mar.Sun.2024


〈Back Yard〉
Yasuaki Kuzumoto

9 Jan.Tue.– 23 June.Sun.2024

I make sculpture by original technique. The technique is to act material from both human artificiality and natural phenomenon. Other works are installation used salvaged objects and art event promotion in “Satoyama” area. Through their works, I think about relationship of human and the outside world. In the process of creating artwork, materials acquire unique forms and patterns, textures through the action of natural phenomena. They may suggest to us the existence of a world that is invisible to our human eyes. Through the artworks, I want the viewer to direct their curiosity and imagination to the things that exist around us as a matter of course, and to the body that perceives them. It is also to be aware of our human-oriented perspective.

535 Sanjo Termachitori. Nakagyo-ku kyoto Japan 604-8081 Tel:+81-75-231-3702 Closed: Monday

Kyoto Art Center

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<North and South Gallery>


To Think on your Feet

《Masking/Unmasking Death 》2022
photo:Ryohei Tomita

3 AM Performance Art Collective

12 Jan.Fri.– 19 Feb.Mon.2024

Yamabushiyama-cho 546-2, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8156 Japan

Gallery PARC

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Suzumi Noda Exhibition

1 Feb.Thu. – 25 Feb.Sun.2024

287 Saikachi-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto,602-8284 Japan


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Permanent exhibition

Permanent exhibitions are held irregularly.

For inquiries regarding exhibitions and works,
please contact us.

633 Shimogoryo-cho, Teramachi Tounan-kado,Marutamachi-dori Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Japan 604-0995
Tel:+81-75-585-4160 Closed: Monday & Tuesday


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KOMATSU Kanako solo exhibition
play house

20 Feb.Tue.– 25 Feb.Sun.2024

KOMATSU Kanako (b.1982, Aomori pref, lives and works in Tokyo) is an artist who expresses the sense of discomfort she feels from conventions and customs in her pop art.
She graduated from the Department of Science of Design at Musashino Art University.


KANDA Shinji solo exhibition
Exotic Ghost

2 Mar.Sat.– 10 Mar.Sun.2024

KANDA Shinji (b.1986, Hokkaido pref, lives and works in Kyoto) is an artist who expresses a surrealistic view of the world using miniature depictions.
He is also an illustrator of Pokemon cards.
He graduated from the illustration course at Kyoto University of the Arts.


KAMEDA Hinata solo exhibition

12 Mar.Tue.– 17 Mar.Sun.2024

155-7 Ebisu-cho, HIgashiyama-ku Kyoto Japan 605-0033  Tel:090-9697-3786  Closed: Monday

Gallery Keifu

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MATSUMOTO Takehiro Exhibition

25 Jan.Thu.– 4 Feb.Sun.2024

21-3 Sanno-cho Shogoin Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8392 Japan
Tel: +81-75-771-1011  Closed: Monday

2kw gallery

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TAKESHI Takamatsu / YUKO Takara
Staring at the pragma

3 Feb.Sat.– 25 Feb.Sun.2024

3-29-1,Otowadai Otsu-city,Shiga, Japan TEL:090-5241-8096  Closed:Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday

Gallery G-77

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"Drawing the Sound" Exhibition & Performance in Kosho-ji Temple

Keisuke Watanabe
mixed media paper
125x190 cm

1 Dec.Fri.– 10 Dec.Sun.2023

Performance:2 Dec.Sat.16:00 PM - 17:00 PM
Admission fee: Free

"Drawing the Sound" Exhibition

Step into an enchanting realm at Kosho-ji Temple, where the unseen transforms into vibrant art. The exhibition showcases the masterful drawings of Keisuke Watanabe, a professional musician who seamlessly blends music and painting. Watanabe practices extemporaneous sketching on the spot, capturing a variety of subjects that include landscapes, architecture, individuals, and fleeting everyday moments. Through his swift sketches, he conveys the passion, movements, and the passage of time, resulting in artworks filled with sensual allure. Additionally, American artist Andrei Kolchanov's video installation, 'Shadow-Makers,' enriches the show. Over 3.5 years, he captured the shadows cast by distant construction site lights on his New York studio wall, amassing around 2300 photos of these shadows while recording accompanying sounds. This installation highlights the non-intentional beauty found in everyday surroundings, encouraging exploration of art in unexpected places.

"Drawing the Sound" Exhibition & Performance

Dutch poetry written by Harry van Doveren takes shape as living brushstrokes at Kōshō-ji Temple in Kyoto. Japanese artist Keisuke Watanabe and Dutch narrator Kine Brettschreider unite for an improvisational performance titled 'Painting the Sound.' Diverse artists merge talents in this avant-garde exploration, transforming auditory experiences into captivating visuals. Kine will recite Dutch poetry, and as she speaks, Keisuke will create live drawings in response to her words, turning sound into art. Dutch poetry's eloquence, inspired by the serene ambience of Koshoji Temple, will come to life as living brushstrokes. It's a magical fusion of language and imagery right before your eyes."

Location: Kosho-ji Temple,
602-0082 Kyoto, Kamigyo Ward, Kamitenjincho 647 https://www.g77gallery.com/ja/drawing

73-3 Nakano-machi Nakagyo-ku Kyoto,Japan 604-0086 Tel:090-9419-2326
Closed: Monday & Tuesday

Sokyo Gallery

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〈Sokyo〉〈Sokyo Annex〉


Kimiyo Mishima Exhibition

Kimiyo Mishima
Monologue A、1969
Oil on canvas
H162 × W130 cm

15 Feb.Thu. – 17 Apr.Wed.2024

381-2 Motomachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, Japan 605-0089
Tel:+81-75-746-4456 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Closed Sunday, Monday

Museum Info

Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art
Main Building
(North Wing)1F Higashiyama Cube

Kyoto City Museum
of Art 90th
3 Feb. Sat.
- 1 Sept. Sun. 2024

Kyoto City KYOCERA Museum of Art
The Triangle

Yamamoto Yukyo:
in the Priceless
13 Oct. Fri. 2023- 12 Feb. Mon. 2024

Yamamoto Yukyo,
A woman of 4050 yen,
Photo:Moriya Yuki

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto

KOBAYASHI Masakazu and His Contemporaries – Beyond Fiber Art
6 Jan. Sat. - 10 Mar. Sun. 2024


Stars of
Finnish Glass
17 Feb. Sat. - 29 Mar. Fri. 2024

Alvar Aalto
《Aalto collection
©Design Museum
Johnny Korkman

The Museum of KYOTO

Pioneers of
DIOR and
from the
Chisako Kotaki
17 Feb. Sat. - 14 Apr. Sun. 2024